A morning street photography tour through the back alleys of Ho Chi Minh most authentic neighborhood


  • Price: US$99 / person
  • Departure: Monday to Sunday – 6:00am
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Group Size: 3 persons max.
  • Level: Beginners to Advanced
  • Pickup & dropoff: centrally located hotels in District 1


Private Tour

  • Price: US$199 / 1 pax
  • Price: US$50 per additional participant
  • Departure: Monday to Sunday – 6:00am
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Group Size: 4 persons max.
  • Level: Beginners to Advanced
  • Pickup & dropoff: centrally located hotels in District 1

While Saigon has evolved tremendously through the last fifteen years, Cholon neighborhood was able to preserve its traditions and its unique blend of Chinese and French influenced architecture.  Its colorful back alleys, with its worn out yellow and green walls, offer an inspirational background to its dynamic street scene.

You will be introduced to different techniques relative to street photography, and put them into practice by capturing street vendors and passersby going about their daily activities. You will learn to “see” the street from a different angle, looking for the right light and anticipating your shots by working on your camera settings and composition in advance.

We will then walk through a local market with an incredible atmosphere, and find it to be a great opportunity to meet with the local crowd, share some friendly moments and shoot some great authentic portraits.

Finally, we’ll go visit a beautiful temple, where we will help you perfect your exposure technique in dealing with various light ambiances.

Tour Includes : Arnaud’s photographic guidance, pick up & drop off in centrally located hotels in District 1, bottled water, coffee break, entrance fees (if applicable)
Tour Excludes : Insurance

Pick up time : From 06:00am to 06:15am (be ready at 6:00am)

General Information

Who are our tours designed for?
Anyone who loves travel and photography is welcomed, whatever your level of experience – the most important thing is enthusiasm. Our tours can be summed up in three words – sharing, friendship and smiles. Your non-photographer friends & family are also welcomed to join – as long as they don’t mind hanging around while the photographers do their thing!
Improve your photography!
With Arnaud’s advice and guidance, you’ll quickly become more familiar with your equipment and refine your eye for a good image without being swamped by technical details. You’ll learn how to read light, how to compose a shot, and how to tell a visual story – in short, you’ll release more of your creative potential. Mastering photography is a long and enjoyable journey, and one without end. The main objective of our tours is for you to become a better photographer by the end of each day.
What equipment?
The best camera is the one you already have! Travel light – a DSLR with wide angle and zoom lenses is more than sufficient for our tours. Hybrids, compacts and even smartphones are equally welcome! Other than that, all you’ll need is a fully-charged battery and enough memory cards. If you can, bring along your laptop so we can critique your photos and also show you a few tips for using Lightroom.
Meet the locals
You’ll get to meet the local population, find out about their way of life, and experience their friendly company – all while taking some fantastic photos! We’ll show you how to break the ice with the Vietnamese and how to make your camera a valuable ally in making connections with them.
Encounter the unexpected
We don’t impose strict itineraries on our travelers; every one of our journeys in Vietnam is unique – no two tours are ever the same! Spontaneous encounters and varying light conditions create different photography opportunities every time. One moment you’ll be standing on the edge of a rice field photographing a farmer at work; the next you’ll be invited into a local house for tea; or maybe you’ll be navigating your way along a narrow canal by sampan or a country lane on the back of a motorbike – most of the time we’ll just go with the flow!
Small groups only
Our maximum group size is six. This enables us to give every photographer plenty of individual attention, and also makes it easier for us to blend into the environment and not be overly intrusive when we’re meeting the locals.
Your host - Arnaud Foucard
A keen photographer of landscapes and people, Arnaud leads photography tours in the Mekong Delta and other beautiful places in Vietnam. Before becoming a photographer he spent ten years in Vietnam as a tour operator and knows the country intimately. Photography has always been his passion, and so one day he decided to turn that passion into a living – now he devotes his time to helping fellow photography enthusiasts discover little-known and picturesque parts of Vietnam, while improving their photographic skills.

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